The area, which previously served as a football field carpet, has been projected to serve as Cundi Park by Fatih Municipality Directorate of Parks and Gardens. Studies are going on at full speed in order to put one of the parks that will be an example to Istanbul into service of Fatih residents.

The project area, which is located in Küçük Ayasofya Mahallesi Cinci Meydanı Sokak and which previously served as a private football field carpet before projecting, is located in a region which is intensively used by local and foreign tourists. While it was an area which was not functional from touristic aspects and could not meet the recreation and entertainment needs of the surrounding community in its former use, it has become a quite different area in these days during which the application has come to an end along with the implementation of the project with protection board approval in 2015. In the landscaping performed within the scope of the project in the park area of 5 thousand 700 square meters, the area has been made more functional and aesthetic with the square area, sitting and recreation areas, children’s playground, parking area, plant demonstration areas and cafeteria areas. A lot of grown-up and colorful trees were planted in the park, where the amount of green space was increased over three times compared to the past. It contains many beautiful things in terms of visuality along with the fine embroidered gravel and flower patterns created in green areas.


Within the scope of application studies, an artistic object that is consistent with the historical and mystical texture of the area has been gained with a spectacular marble pool which is unprecedented in our district and İstanbul. The building, which was built as a cafeteria, was also designed in an architecture suitable for the region from visual and functional aspects. Studies are planned to be completed by until Ramadan in 2017.

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