The “5th Magic Microphone Radio Awards” organized by Fatih Municipality in order to serve the radio industry and to reward successful radios, radio programs and broadcasters were given to the winners with a ceremony.

Speaking at the special night event taking place in Zorlu Performing Arts Center, Fatih Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said: “The first radio started broadcasting on the basement floor of the Grand Post Office in Sirkeci 90 years ago. 90 years old in our country and 100 years old in the world, the radio retains its significance as a mass communication device and as a medium for cultural activity. We want to bring into view our radio broadcasters whom we know and whose voice we are familiar with via events like this, and we want our radios to be commemorated. We are aiming to bring together the radio broadcasters, performers as well as men of culture and art and to make contribution to them. We are happy that this enthusiasm which seems to be growing every year has reached the point that we anticipated and aimed for.”

Mayor Mustafa Demir said: “When we compare the awards ceremony with previous years, we observe an incredibly beautiful courtesy with regard to attendance and the number of votes in the awards. There are two major reasons why we organize this program. Firstly we really want the radio broadcasters to be recognized. We want the persons behind the voices in the magical boxes to be seen. We are together with them at every moment of our lives. Secondly, we want a contribution to be made to our culture and art life hereby.”

The night began with a show by the famous illusionist Sermet Erkin. Then Mayor Mustafa Demir offered the Magic Microphone Special Award to Erhan Konuk. The other Magic Microphone Special Awards were given to Romina and Muzo.

Ozan Çolakoğlu was the musical director of the special night which drew major attention from famous names and radio broadcasters. Appearing on the stage with her visual and stage performance, Gülşen sang her song named ‘Dan Dan’.

The audience was excited by the duet conducted by Ümit Besen and Pamele. Also, famous names such as Murat Dalkılıç, Demet Akalın, Serkan Kaya Eypio FT Burak King performed during the special night and voiced their memorable songs. The radios and programmers who received the major votes from radio enthusiasts were granted their awards.

As happens every year, the night was hosted by the actor and comedian Ceyhun Yılmaz. The joke made by Ceyhun Yılmaz, who was greatly adored by the audience to Alpay who appeared on the stage to give the awards livened up the awards ceremony.

The “5th Magic Microphone Radio Awards” ceremony organized by Fatih Municipality was appreciated by the attendants and the comment “It’s like an Oscar night, everything is so beautiful” was made for the now traditional special night.

The winners received their awards from famous names such as African Ali, Ahmet Selçuk İlkan, Betül Demir, Buray, Cem Belevi, Cengiz Kurtoğlu, Gökhan Türkmen, Muazzez Ersoy, Özgün, Derya Uluğ, Edis, Tan, İlyas Yalçıntaş, Fikret Dedeoğlu, Aynur Aydın, Simge Sağın, Tuğba Yurt, Ümit Besen/Pamela, Yılmaz Vural and Linet.

At the end of the night, Mayor Mustafa Demir, the performers attending the night and the radio broadcasters who received the awards took the stage and took a traditional selfie altogether.

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