Corporate Games Dragon Boat Races, the biggest and most comprehensive sports organization within corporate races held with the main sponsorship of Fatih Municipality, ended.

Within the context of competitions, the team Avrupa Konutları was the winner and the athletes in 16 different branches ranking the highest received their awards.

Corporate Games Dragon Boat Races, the 15th of which was held this year with the support of Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir and which began with the philosophy of “Lifelong Sports”, ended. 322 participants from 28 companies competed in Dragon Boat, Sailing, Bocce and Backgammon races in Balat Şair Nedim Park in 16 different branches for two days. There was a tight struggle in Dragon Boat race where competition was mostly experienced in Istanbul Corporate Games.

The team Avrupa Konutları achieved in the races where there was a stiff competition. The team Avrupa Konutları that became champion received great applauses and attracted intensive attention from the spectators. At the end of the races, plaques were presented to the athletes in 16 different branches ranking the highest.

Ersin Gençtürk, the Sport Works Coordinator who gives information about the event, said, “Corporate Games is organized for the 15th time this year under the sponsorship of Fatih Municipality. We are completing our event, which we have organized in 16 branches, with 322 athletes. Today is the last day of Istanbul Corporate Games. In Corporate Games that began with the opening ceremony and the concert on Friday, those who ranked the highest were determine as a result of very exciting competitions. Today is the last day of İstanbul Corporate Games that we have organized with the contributions of Dear Mustafa Demir, Our Mayor of Fatih.”


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