Keçeci Karabaş District Mansion located in Hırka-i Şerif neighborhood, which is the 4th district mansion of Fatih Municipality and hosts the 6th Information House, has started to provide service. Fatih Municipality establishes district mansions with the aim of enabling people to reach many services, from education to health, from cultural activities to social solidarity services, in a faster, easier and better quality manner in order to improve the quality of life of local people by taking into account the different, socio-economic and cultural needs of each district, as a requirement of the concept of ‘Social Municipality’. Fatih Municipality, that previously put Müftü Ali, Silivrikapı and Marmara district mansions into service, finally has put Keçeci Karabaş District Mansion, that has been established by the civil works department, into the service of Fatih residents.
Keçeci Karabaş District Mansion comprises Information House, Hırka-i Şerif neighborhood mukhtar, library, multipurpose hall and park.
Our District Mansion has been built on Kabakulak dead-end-street in the neighborhood named by Keçeci Karabaş Şeyh Abdurrahman Efendi. The fact that one of the names of Şeyh Efendi is “Keçeci” indicates the fact that there were tradesmen dealing with felt production in this neighborhood in the Ottoman period. Probably he was somehow related to this line of business. Felt is a product which is manufactured from wool and has been used in many areas such as shepherd’s felt cloak and laying on the floor at homes including the cooling and cleaning of gun barrels heated in wars. With respect to the other word of his name “karabaş”, it is explained in two ways in resources. According to first explanation, the name of “Kurrabaşı” given to him because of the “Tecvid” book which describes the reading rules of the Qur’an written by the wise and scholar Şeyh Abdurrahman Efendi was transformed into “karabaş”. According to second explanation, Şeyh Abdurrahman Efendi wrapped a black cheesecloth like a headwear around his head. Besides writing his famous work Tecvid, Şeyh Abdurrahman Efendi Karabaş made Keçeci Karabaş Mosque, that would be known by his name later, built in 1524. He is the brother of Ömer Efendi, who was the teacher of Osman II (Osman the Young) and sheikh of Hagia Sophia. The grave of the sheikh who died in 1534 is located on the mihrab side of the masjid, which is known by his name.

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