Fatih Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir met the mukhtars in the district and made evaluations
Meeting the mukhtars in the district on a frequent basis, Mayor Mustafa Demir evaluated the events that happened during the year in the final meeting of mukhtars for the year 2016. Highlighting the fact that investments in the country continue without any interruption despite coup attempts, terror attacks, economic and political provocations, Mayor Mustafa Demir said that Turkey is no longer the Turkey that it used to be and that the reality underlying this achievement results from a stable government. Mayor Mustafa Demir said: “Our President and our Prime Minister worked together and realized large projects that can be considered on a world scale one after another and are preparing to undersign new ones. Countries abroad continue to express discontent while a short term remains for the opening of our airport, which will be the largest in the world. They write in despair in an article published in an international economy magazine that the largest airport in the world which will surpass even the Heathrow Airport of London which is the busiest airport in the world is being made by the Turks and that they will no longer have the busiest airport after it is opened. They say that as an alternative to this, they just decided to make a new long runway. They don’t stop trying different ways to disrupt these investments made in our country and our stability”.
Emphasizing that news regarding the Development application which was approved recently in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality assembly appear on the national media, Mayor Mustafa Demir said that certain NGOs do not consider this application objectively. Mayor Mustafa Demir said that all works regarding historical and registered artifacts will be examined by the board of monuments in the Historical Peninsula of Fatih and that buildings which are not historical artifacts will be utilized by Kudeb (Bureau of Preservation, Implementation and Inspection), which is within the organization of Fatih Municipality. Mentioning that works of Fatih Municipality Kudeb will be implemented according to the Development Plan for Preservation approved by the existing board of monuments, Mayor Mustafa Demir said: “Realized with the permission of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization as a result of our long term works with Istanbul University Faculty of Law, this decision will move Fatih ahead. As you know, even though our citizens wanted to reinforce their buildings against the earthquake, their projects had to go through the Board of Monuments owing to the neighboring historical artifact. So they either gave up reinforcing their buildings as a result of waiting for years or they didn’t apply at all. The board, on the other hand, couldn’t invest the necessary time for the works regarding the Historical Artifacts application as they were quite busy. I believe that now the board of monuments will be able to fulfil its primary duty with much more detail. We do whatever the practice of law tells us to do”. Mayor Mustafa Demir said that the new implementation will benefit the investors as well.
Mayor Mustafa Demir said that they keep in touch with the authorized persons from Bedaş in order to resolve the problem regarding recent blackouts across the district and that a person in charge from Bedaş was also invited to the meeting for information.
Önder Erdağ, Authorized Person from Bedaş stated during the meeting that they are working intensely in order to remove the problem which occurred as a result of thieves cutting the power cables from Veliefendi and that they will completely eliminate the problem in short notice.

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