Bezmialem Park, located in Molla Gürani Mahallesi Ördek Kasap Sokak, has been projected by our Park and Gardens Directorate to become more functional and aesthetic as a result of the intense demands of the people in the region.

In the existing 272-square meters park the construction of which was started in 2016, the application was completed quickly following the revision project study performed by our Park and Gardens Directorate. The existing boundary walls were removed and the number of lighting in the area was increased by considering the priority of the problem of lighting and public order of the park. The environment of the park was surrounded by high stature boundary elements, and controlled entrance and exit was ensured. A business structure responsible for the children’s playgroup, gymnastic equipments and the layout of the park was placed in the area without any function in its previous usages. The park has been put into the service of citizens by its new form.

Bezmialem Parkı Yenilendi

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