In the park which is planned to be built in Mevlanakapı Mahallesi Kemikliburun Sokak by our Park and Gardens Directorate, the works will begin after the project has been approved by the Conservation Board.
Expropriation studies were performed in the project area in 2015, and the idle buildings in the region were removed. Many alternative project proposals related to the area have been made, and a project that will bring the historical and visual beauty of the inner Land Walls into the forefront, will make the region a center of attraction and will respond to the physical and social needs of the surrounding community has ultimately been prepared by the Directorate of Parks and Gardens. The project, which is at the approval stage of the Conservation Council, is planned to be implemented as soon as possible. Recreational areas, ornamental pools, bicycle paths, green areas, fitness and children’s playgrounds are planned to be built within the project area of 7,915 square meters.

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