Along with the beginning of the month of Ramadan, Fatih Municipality, which set up iftar dinner in different neighborhoods every day, this time brought thousands of taxi drivers together at the same dinner table.

Fatih Municipality continues to host people from different kinds of professions in iftar dinner besides street iftar dinners it organizes every year. In the 3rd annual iftar program, this year thousands of taxi drivers together with their families had their iftar dinner hosted by Fatih municipality. Mayor of Fatih Municipality Mustafa Demir, President of Istanbul Taxi Drivers Chamber of Artisans Yahya Uğur, and a large number of families of taxi drivers participated in the iftar program held at Mimar Sinan Stadium. Accompanied by the mystic music, fasting was broken with the azan, call to prayer.

Europe’s football star Benzema is at street iftar dinner

Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir, who stated that they had the happiness of sharing the blessings of Ramadan, said, “Today we came here from Haseki, we had public iftar dinner there too. There, we were together with the world-famous Real Madrid player Karim Benzema. An Algerian origin, Muslim French football player. He wanted to have an iftar dinner here during Ramadan. He also wanted to attend one of our drop-in visits to the poor families before the iftar. This evening, together with him, we had an iftar dinner with our people, following the visit of one of our poor families. We have blessed with two events tonight. One of them is the happiness of seeing that the world famous footballer met and experienced with our values, our beliefs in the center of Istanbul, and the second is the getting together at this iftar dinner with you, our valuable taxi drivers circulating in the veins of Istanbul.”

President of Istanbul Taxi Drivers Chamber of Artisans Yahya Uğur, stated, “Thereafter, with the measures to be taken, we, as the chamber, will never allow anyone to earn money without paying any effort. Therefore you might heard from time to time that turquoise taxi is coming, to drop our plate values. You hear the lies as ‘the municipality is going to grant 4,000 new plates.’ These are unfounded.”

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