The foundation of Derviş Ali District’s Mansion, where young Fatih residents can maintain their education and cultural activities in many fields during the times remaining from school, has been laid with a ceremony.
Fatih Municipality organized the groundbreaking ceremony of Derviş Ali District’s Mansion, which will be the 7th district mansion of the district, in Derviş Ali Mahallesi. Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir, the Former Minister of the European Union Volkan Bozkır and a large number of citizens participated in the ceremony. The ceremony which started with the anthems of Fatih Municipality janissary band continued with protocol speeches. Then the protocol members got on the stage and pressed the button to pour mortar to the foundation. Mayor Demir and the accompanying delegation came to the groundbreaking area and received information from the authorities regarding the construction process.

When Derviş Ali district’s mansion is completed, it will include Children’s Dentistry Center, Library, Youth Center, Study Hall, Computer Classroom, classrooms, multipurpose hall, guidance unit, mukhtar department and PTT center.

Thousands of Fatih residents of all ages are provided with free services in Fatih Municipality’s district’s mansions and information houses. Fatih Municipality, Müftüali District’s Mansion, Silivrikapi District’s Mansion, Marmara District’s Mansion, Keçeci Karabaş District’s Mansion, Hekimoğlu Information House and Balat Information House continue to serve the citizens.

It will be a Mansion where everyone can go in peace

Underlining that the architecture of Derviş Ali District’s Mansion is in accordance with Ottoman architecture, Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir said, “When our District’s Mansion is completed, this place will be thoroughly illuminated at night with the lighting system. It will be a mansion where everyone can go in peace. As a municipality, we build these spaces to bring schools where children develop themselves for our children to well-behaved on the street, to be sensitive to their families and brothers and to be helpful for this nation.”

It was a dream to realize this

Stating that the district’s mansions project is a pleasant dream of Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir, the Former Minister of the European Union Volkan Bozkır said, “We will have a space to keep our tradition alive and to raise our young people with confidence in peace. It was a dream to realize it; today we will have realized this dream with this groundbreaking ceremony.”

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