The Veledi Karabaş Park, Located in Mevlanakapı Neighborhood Will Be Opened for Service Soon as the Fatih Municipality Parks and Gardens Directorate Began the Implementation Works Upon Completion of the Expropriation and Project Design Works Made Around the Park.
Reaching 3,163 square meters upon inclusion of the 44 parcels which make 1,261 square meters about the city walls as well as the Güherciler Street in between to the park area, the project design for the usage area was remade. With the new arrangement to be made in the area, it is planned to create seating and recreation areas, walkways, square areas, green areas, playgrounds for kids and gymnastics areas. The arrangement will change the route for the vehicle roads around the park and they will become more functional. Solid ground and plantation works have been completed in the park and the final arrangements are being made, whereupon the park will soon be opened for service. Fatih Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir made examinations on the park as well.

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