District Mansions

These are social training centers founded in order to allow people to have faster, easier and better access to various services from education to health, from cultural activities to social aid in order to increase life quality of local people considering different socio-economic and cultural needs of each district pursuant to the Social Municipality approach.

Built and named with inspiration from the old Istanbul mansions with its architectural properties, another purpose of these centers is to maintain the old neighborhood culture of Istanbul and create environments for the people to socialize and refresh within the urban life.

Fatih Municipality district mansions contain;

  • Bills payment center
  • Fatih Municipality social affairs unit
  • Information House
  • Umut Evi (House of Hope) where Psychological Consultation and Guidance services are offered
  • Playgrounds
  • Sports Areas
  • Family Health Center
  • Multi-Purpose Hall (a hall where the residents of the neighborhood can accept condolences, organize a Mevlid, celebrate the birthdays of their kids and where nongovernmental organizations can organize conferences and seminars)

All these education, health, culture and social aid services rendered under scope of these service units are offered to the residents of Fatih Municipality free of charge.

Fatih Municipality district mansions

Müftüali Semt Konağı

Müftüali Semt Konağı Zeyrek Mah.Haliç Gören Sok. Müftüali Semt Konağı Fatih/İstanbul (0212 523 02 54)

Silivri Semt Konağı

Silivrikapı Semt Konağı Cambaziye Mah. Beyçayırı Sok.Buz Pateni Arkası Silivrikapı Semt Konağı Fatih/İstanbul (0212 588 65 30)

Marmara Semt Konağı

Marmara Semt Konağı 0212 588 97 38

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