The office of the Disabilities Services was established in order to reintegrate the handicapped people in Fatih to the society and to provide support in resolving their problems.

Offering various services for the handicapped people in Fatih during this period from wheelchairs to social organizations, the unit offers consultation and guidance for the handicapped people and their families with regard to training, employment and rights of handicapped people with the slogan “There is No Obstacle for Sharing Life!” It also opens classes and organizes events for the adaptation of the handicapped people to social life.

Work of the Office of Disabilities Services

Our office of the Disabilities Services carries out its works under six main groups and tries to facilitate the lives of handicapped people in Fatih and their relatives at least to some extent.

A) Special Projects
B) Aids
C) Classes and Seminars
D) Events
E) Visits
F) Trips


Handicapped Workshop and Rehabilitation Class

Various works are conducted in the workshop which is founded in order to rehabilitate handicapped people and to make sure these individuals become productive persons who are useful for the society.

Getting enrolled in the handicapped workshop requires the handicapped person;

  • To be over 16 years of age,
  • To have health certificate and
  • To have literacy certificate.

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