A Glorious Finale in 4th Magic Microphone Radio Awards Ceremony

“4th Magic Microphone Radio Awards” were given to their deservers in the ceremony held by Fatih Municipality with the aim of contributing to the sector of radio programming and awarding successful radio programs and programmers.

Mayor of Fatih Municipality Mustafa Demir, who spoke in the ceremony held in Zorlu Performing Arts Center stated that radio has made life meaningful for 110 years and said “You precious radio programmers are with us in all stages of our lives. We thought you would fall from popular esteem when televisions and mass medium became more common but we were wrong. You are reborn out of your ashes just like the phoenix. You are like Benjamin Button. You are getting younger every day, letting go of your weight.”

Mayor Mustafa Demir said “When we compare the award ceremony to the events which took place in the past years, we see a great improvement in the number of votes and participants. There are two main reasons for holding this program. Firstly, we really want radio programmers to come to be known. We want the owners of the magical voices in the boxes to be seen. We are with them in all stages of our lives. Secondly, on this opportunity, we would like to contribute to our cultural and art life. It’s really important that there are many participants from all over our country. For the first time in the history of this program, there were more than 3,500,000 votes, reaching a record high. It was almost going to be a nationwide program.” Mustafa Demir, who continued his speech trading quips with presenter Ceyhun Yılmaz, stated that the first radio program was held in Sirkeci Post Office in Fatih, landing them more responsibilities on the subject.

After a song by Ferhat Göçer, Mayor Mustafa Demir gave Honorary Magic Microphone Award to Okan Bayülgen. Bayülgen, underlined that radio is not merely a music box, but a means of communication which can exist with people.

Behzat Gerçeker was the music director of the night, to which celebrities and radio programmers showed a great interest. İrem Derici, who participated in the program with her shows performed her song “Dantel” for the first time. Triple duets of Ozan doğulı, Gülden Mutlu and Bahadır swept away the audience. Emre Kaya, Gripin, solist of Grup 27 – Birol Namoğlu, Zara and Kubat enlivened the night with their unforgettable songs. The radios and radio programmers which collected biggest number of votes from radio lovers were granted their awards.

“Award of Hot Prospect For the Future Radio Programmer”, which was evaluated as out of category, was granted to Uğur Bozdağ and Doğancan Özad. “Magic Microphone Special Awards” were given to Geveze, Bedirhan Gökçe and Afrikalı Ali. General Director of TRT, Şenol Göka distributed the awards.

Famous actor and comedian Ceyhun Yılmaz’s hosting won recognition of the audience. Hayko Cepkin got on the stage to distribute some awards and enlightened the award ceremony with his humour. “4th Magic Microphone Awards” held by Fatih Municipality had the fascination of the participants and got comments like “It was just like Oscar’s, everything is perfect”.

In the night in which celebrities such as Gülben Ergen, Hayko Cepkin, Ayşe Hatun Önal, Cem Belevi, Gökhan Türkmen, Halil Sezai, Kolpa, Mustafa Ceceli and Burcu Güneş distributed the awards of the winner radio programmers and Enbe Orkestrası, Ferhat Göçer, İrem Derici, Zara, Kubat, Emre Kaya, Ozan Doğulu and Grup 27 sang the most loved songs.

Mustafa Demir, accompanied with Behzat Gerçeker and his orchestra, sang songs all together with the celebrities and award winning radio programmers on the stage.

Winners of the 4th Magic Microphone Awards are:

Magic Microphone Honorary Award: OKAN BAYÜLGEN

Award of Hot Prospect For The Future Radio Programmer: UĞUR BOZDAĞ, DOĞANCAN ÖZADLI


1. Best National Radio of the Year: POWER TÜRK

2. Best Local Radio of the Year: TRT İSTANBUL KENT RADYO

3. Best Pop Music Radio of the Year: KRAL POP

4. Best Foreign Music Radio of the Year: NUMBER 1 FM

5. Best Slow Music Radio of the Year: SLOW TÜRK

6. Best Folk Music Radio of the Year: MEDYA FM


8. Best Arabesque Radio of the Year: ANKARA AŞK FM

9. Best Talk Radio of the Year: ALEM FM

10. Best News Radio of the Year: A HABER RADYO

11. Best Sports Radio of the Year: RADYO SPOR

12. Best Thematic Radio of the Year: MORAL FM

13. Best Digital Radio Portal of the Year: KARNAVAL.COM

14. Best Internet Radio of the Year: RADYO İSTANBUL AJANSI

15. Best Radio Show Program of the Year: GAZOZ AĞACI – CEM ARSLAN

16. Best Radio Program of the Year: ARAGAZ – PASCAL NOUMA & KADİR ÇÖPDEMİR – METRO FM

17. Best Radio Guest Program of the Year: YASEMİN ŞEFİK – BEST FM

18. Best Literature and Poem Radio Program of the Year: GÖLGE – TALHA BORA ÖGE – RADYO 7

19. Best Local Radio Program of the Year: BAYDAMAR ERSİN – RADYO 2000

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