Çemberlitaş Square Arrangement Project

The project design is made as a square of 6,950.00 square meters surrounding the historical Çemberlitaş column on Bab-ı Ali Avenue within the borders of Molla Fenari Neighborhood.

Construction Works Have Begun for the Cundi Park...

Sitting and recreation areas, a square area, woodwork terraces, running track, playground for kids, physical culture area, pond, social-cultural facility area, parking area and green areas are planned under the arrangements to be made in a project area of 5,667.75 square meters.

2015-2016 Parks Revised

The New Parks of the Investment Year 2015-2016 in Our District…

We Have Granted Another New Park to Our Dervişali Neighborhood...

The amount of green areas in the neighborhood has been increased with the new park that we commissioned during the month of Ramadan in 2016.

The Courtyard of Fatih Mosque is Being Revamped

Located in Ali Kuşçu Neighborhood, Fatih Mosque was ordered to be built by Mehmed the Conqueror and has a total area of 57,863.96 square meters with the social complex and courtyard. The landscaping to be made covers the 34,344.93 square meters courtyard of the area and the pedestrian roads making the transition to the mosque.

Project Design is Made for Kemikliburun to be Arranged as a Park...

Project design is made for the 7,555 square meters area located on Mevlanakapı Neighborhood Kemikliburun Street to be arranged as a new park.

Project Design is Made for a New Park for Edirnekapı

Project design is made for our Edirnekapı Park located in the entrance to Fevzipaşa Avenue to serve to the users as a new park upon completion of the expropriation works around it.

A New Square is Planned in Yesildirek

A new square is planned to be granted to the Yeşildirek district of Fatih.

Project Design is Made for Cundi Sports Facilities

Project design is made for the area where our Cundi Sports Facilities are located to serve as a park that suits the vicinity.

Kücük Saray (Ereğli) Park Will Be Revised

Küçük Saray (Ereğli) Park will be revised to be more functional and aesthetic.

New Mosque Square Park is At Your Service With Its New Version

The area between New Mosque (Yeni Camii) and the Egyptian Bazaar in Eminönü has been rearranged and turned into a new square.

Silivrikapı District Park is At Your Disposal...

Our park began to be constructed at the end of 2013 and concurrent project was conducted together with expropriation works, whereupon the park was commissioned in April, 2014.

Fındıkzade Çukurbostan City Park is At Your Service With Its New Version...

In Fatih, modern life is fed from ancient history. One of the best examples of that is Fındıkzade Çukurbostan Park…

Uzunyusuf Park is At Your Service

Our Uzunyusuf Park, located within the borders of Seyid Ömer Neighborhood, has been commissioned. The inactive water tank in the old entrance of our park and the cafe area have been removed and project design has been made to make the park more functional and aesthetic…

43 New Pools in 2 Years

There were 7 active ponds in our area when we took office in 2010 whereas it increased to 43 in 2012.

7 New Squares in 2 Years

We have commissioned a total of 7 new squares in 2 years pursuant to the slogan of Fatih Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir “The identity of cities is hidden in the squares that they hold”.

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