Recent Pedestrianization Works

Fatih Municipality continues its pedestrianization works which it initiated in order to solve the traffic issue in the Historical Peninsula and to make the area visually more suitable for tourism. The fact that the ratio of people working during the day is more in the Historical Peninsula where tourism and trade is dense than the other areas makes the traffic issue inextricable. Cars parked in front of shops create visual pollution and ruin the traffic. The pedestrianization resolutions made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Coordination Center are important for making the Historical Peninsula more beautiful and for preserving it as well as resolving the traffic issue and offering commercial convenience for the salesmen.

Closing to vehicle traffic takes place between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM considering the fact that the pedestrianization area is a busy trade center and the salesmen can easily conduct their goods shipment during the other hours of the day.

Building facades are observed to be revealed following the pedestrianization works. The face of Fatih is changing and becoming more beautiful every day as the facades are also arranged and facade models suitable for the historical texture are implemented.

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