Kentsel Tasarım Rehberleri

Urban Design Guides

It is ensured that oriel, jamb and other facades which suit the historical peninsula are arranged with the Urban Design Guides created by the Metropolitan Municipality and given to the project offices by our municipality in the digital environment in order to be used in the projects which will be implemented within the borders of Fatih.

Ayvansaray Yenileme Alanı

Ayvansaray Renewal Area

Located very close to Anemas Dungeons, Ayvansaray Quarter is located in the Walls of Constantinople on the Haliç coast.

Kapalı Çarşı Yenileme Alanı

Grand Bazaar Renewal Area

Surveying, restitution and restoration projects were prepared for the Grand Bazaar and the public house structures around it and were submitted to the Preservation Board for approval. Site survey and consequent approval operations of the Preservation Board are ongoing.

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