What is the Project of An Orchestra for Every School (HOBİO)?

It is a training service commenced by Fatih Municipality as a social responsibility project.

Within the framework of the HOBİO project, Fatih Municipality will create music classes in selected schools, provide teachers, instruments and equipment, the students will be taught how to play an instrument as well as how to repair an instrument, maintenance and construction of the instrument.

What is the Purpose of the Project?

To increase personal and social development of students in our schools via musical training. The secondary purpose is to ensure that students utilize their free time and stay away from crime or from environments that have tendency for crime.

Moreover, creating an environment for the stage performance of students and raising interest in music among the other students, encouraging art and raising generations who have enthusiasm for art are among the expected results of the project as well.

Why HOBİO and Musical Training?

With the HOBİO Project, thousands of kids from the schools that are involved in the project within the borders of Fatih will experience receiving musical training, starting a hobby, contributing to their personal development and taking part in an orchestra.

  • Kids who learn to play a musical instrument at an early age can develop the left side of their brain and increase their memory by 20 percent. This development will also make positive contribution to their success at school and in business life.
  • The orchestra experience will allow children to socialize and to work in harmony with a team. Moreover, the student has to work hard for a successful performance in the orchestra, which will require the student to learn to be orderly, well-planned and organized.
  • The merits which the child will acquire with regard to punctuality, hard work, team work and harmony will allow the child to be successful in future business life and to be preferred in the business life.

Schools Under Scope of the Project are as below:

I. Tarık Us Secondary School

II. Cibali Secondary School

III. Vedide Baha Pars Secondary School

IV. Yedikule Anatolian High School

V. Pertevniyal Anatolian High School

VI. Atatürk Çağdaş Yaşam Multi-Program Anatolian High School

VII. İbrahim Alaattin Gövsa Secondary School

VIII. Vefa Anatolian High School

IX. Çemberlitaş Anatolian High School

X. Davutpaşa Anatolian High School

XI. Gelenbevi Anatolian High School

The project involves providing instruments to students, repairing, maintenance and construction of the instruments, creating music class and teaching how to play an instrument.

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