Fatih Municipality, which broke grounds in technology both in the world and Turkey, left its stamp on the Turkcell Technology Summit.

Fatih Municipality, which used the mobile signature for the first time in the world and used the e-signature for the first time in Turkey, showed that it is still at the top in terms of technological investments and infrastructure with its success for integrating to the EBYS system, GIS system, YEPGEM project and ULAK project to be put in service very soon.

The presentation that Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir made in the session of “Smart Transformation of Cities” won appreciation from the listeners.

Having spoken in the Technology Summit, Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir said: “We have studies regarding the smart cities as a municipality.”

The Technology Summit, which is the most comprehensive and well-attended activity of Turkey that is organized by Turkcell, started with the slogan of ‘Turkey. Today. Now’. Many names from the science, technology and business world attended to the summit that is held in the Haliç Congress Center. The place of technology in our lives was discussed at the summit where Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir attended as a speaker.

We Have Studies Regarding The Smart Cities

Having spoken at the summit, Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir said: “We have studies regarding the smart cities as Fatih Municipality. We broke grounds in Turkey and in the world in that regard. Communication technologies are important for providing contribution to the city and the welfare of people living in the city and for having knowledge about everything that is seen, not seen, living or not living in the city. Our desire is to gather up all of them and transform them in to a product, and to benefit from them while forming a strategy and providing service. I mean, transforming cities to this form is one of the essential founding steps of a smart state. Of course, we have worked on these for long years in order to create them, and we have improved them every time. Consequently, we will offer these services to people with the occasion of this activity as a municipality that has access to smart cities.”

It Is Very Important To Access Technology While Producing Project

Mayor Demir, who talked about the relationship of cities with technology, said: “It is important to use the sources efficiently in order to take rational decisions by predicating on important data while taking decisions on cities with regard to the city and the future of city. Being able to use time efficiently, preventing waste and transparency as an essential element of democracy. And the essential element of all the foregoing is the infrastructure for sharing the project in Internet environment in order  give account to all stakeholders about the project. In this way, you have all kinds of information you need while serving, and you share everything with people that you made within the service process while providing service. It is absolutely necessary, and if Allah permits, we will share it with our friends with this opportunity.

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