Fatih Municipality initiated bricked measures against abandoned buildings whose names are sometimes mentioned together with security issues and which are mentioned to be populated by drug addicts and whose destruction is prevented by the Board of Monuments. Taking action upon complaints of citizens, Fatih Municipality builds walls to close the entrances of buildings which became a drug stash.
The increasing drug addiction and the drop in the age of use in recent times led the Narcotic police of Istanbul to take action.
Launching simultaneous operations to many addresses in Fatih last week, the security units found drugs in the abandoned buildings in the district. Causing the major complaint among the residents, use of abandoned buildings as a nest of drugs led Fatih Municipality to take action.
Municipality Mayor Demir: ‘The Solution is to Ensure that the Buildings Become a Part of the City’
Addressing the matter, Fatih Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir mentioned that the abandoned buildings in the district turned into structures posing danger within the process and said ‘Abandoned buildings are becoming structures that would cause harm on the texture of the town and on the neighbors around it. Unfortunately, 119 out of the 200 abandoned buildings we have are historical artifacts and are registered buildings. Therefore we cannot demolish them. The first thing we did was to prefer sheet panels to prevent these registered buildings from falling on people and kids should they collapse from above and to prevent certain people from entering these structures. However, we encountered a problem with sheet panels. The thinner addicts open it very easily, enter and do whatever they want to do more easily. Moreover, these areas are unfortunately becoming a garbage area. Although there are containers, some people throw away their trash bags to these areas. We thought what we could do and we decided to build walls on the doors and windows of the abandoned buildings. Surely it’s not 100 percent protected. Is it a solution? Absolutely not. The solution, if they are historical artifacts, is to make restorations and turn them into a habitable place. Namely, to make them a part of the city’. Works for building walls on the doors and glasses of the abandoned buildings, which are located particularly in towns such as Kumkapı and Balat and for which no permit can be obtained for demolishing are ongoing at speed in the district.

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