10,000 people have been offered ashoura on the 17th traditional day of ashoura organized in the Historical Egyptian Bazaar. While citizens competed with each other to taste the ashoura which was cooked by master chefs in a huge boiler, the tourists admiringly ate the ashoura that they tasted for the first time.
10,000 people have been offered ashoura in the ashoura event which was organized in the Egyptian Bazaar due to Muharram ul-haram. In the event organized in the historical Egyptian bazaar, master chefs cooked ashoura in a huge boiler with 40 kinds of ingredients.
The ashoura cooked were then meticulously decorated with dried fruit colored sugars and pomegranate. The star and crescent motif was made on one of the ashoura boilers. In the event, Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Fatih, came to the huge boiler and served ashoura to citizens. Ashoura cooked using one and a half tons of ingredients got full marks from citizens and tourists. While the citizens who wanted to taste ashoura joined long queues, they also competed with each other to take the photo of the colorfully decorated ashoura.
Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Fatih, wished that muharram ul haram would be solution to the problems experienced all over the world and said, ” We are performing our traditional ashoura day even under the roof of the Egyptian Bazaar. In this respect, it is very important for us. We are performing by the ownership of Malatya Market. I hope it will be an event that will continue upon the bequest of the deceased Çetin Palancı. There is an ashoura to be offered to 10,000 people in this year. It is made of 40 kinds of cereals. It was prepared using 1 and half tons of ingredients. I would like to say that may muharram ul haram be blessed. We are in muharram ul haram, humanity and the world have many troubles. I hope that it will be a month that will be a remedy for the troubles and problems.”

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