The 3×3 Streetball Tournament of the Fatih Municipality, which is organized every year, has been the scene of breathtaking matches.

The matches, which took place in Fındıkzade-Çukurbostan Park, have been cutthroat. The teams have entered into a cutthroat competition to be the champion of the tournament, which is organized in Senior, Youths, Stars and Junior categories. Teams finding 21 points earlier in the matches, which are played in 10-minute periods, are qualified for the upper tour.

Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, continuing his support for sport, brought the basketball players of the future together in the 3×3 Streetball Tournament. 117 teams fought toot and nail in the tournament, which was held in the Çukurbostan Park at the weekend. Each team played with 3 main players and one substitute player in the tournament, in which those making 21 points in 10 minutes won the match.

Mentioning that their purpose is to endear sport to everyone young and old, Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir said “We provide massive support for the sport and players. As a result of these supports, we have been organizing the 5th of the 3×3 Basketball Tournament of the Fatih Municipality. 117 teams have participated in it. Participation is good, and we have been doing really well. Hopefully, these projects will continue in a greater way. Our purpose is to encourage everyone young and old to play sports starting from minors.”

Basketball lovers showed great interest in the tournament. Citizens crowding the tribunes next to the basketball court followed the matches excitedly. As the first and second tour matches were played in the first day of the 2-day tournament, quarterfinal, semi-final and final matches were played in the second day. Çamaşırcılar Team, which succeeded to eliminate its rivals one by one in the senior category, has been the champion in the closely contested matches where 117 teams competed with 464 players. While making a strong impression throughout the tournament, Çamaşırcılar Team won the admiration of basketball lovers. The Kobe Team, which lost the final match to Çamaşırcılar Team, has been the second; Golden Horn Warriors team came in third.

Master Hoopers won the first place, Osmanlı Evlatları has been the second, and Hi Guys Bro has been the third in the Youth’s category. While Vardar comes in first, Ideas comes second and Best Baller comes third in the Junior’s category; Anadolu Rüzgarları won the first place, Sivas has been the second and Fearless has been the third in the Stars category.

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