The Fatih Municipality has organized a charity sale within the scope of 9 the love day activities of Yedikule Animal Shelter.
The revenue generated from the charity sale, where famous artists participated in, will be used for the animals in the shelter.
Animal lovers came together in the charity sale that is organized in the Yedikule Animal Shelter by the Fatih Municipality for the unrequited love. Many animal lovers attended to the charity sale along with famous artists Tuna Arman, Ulvi Alacakaptan, Hayko Cepkin and Murat Başaran. While the artists, who participated in the charity sale was making sales on stands, animal lovers bought the sold products. The revenue generated from the charity sale will be used for animals in the shelter.
The shelter, which exists with the special effort and willing support of Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, has been hosting thousands of abandoned dogs and hundreds of abandoned cats.
Having mentioned that he looks after 11 cats in his own home, artist Murat Başaran said: “I have been doing it willingly. Participating in such a charity sale made me happy. If I can give a little color to this charity sale, I would be happy. We should make it willingly, not as an obligation or showpiece. I am a very good animal lover, and I want to see all of my friends here.”
Tuna Arman, who stated that love day is celebrated each year, said: “We organize the 9th of it this year. There are almost 4 thousand animals here. There are disabled cats. This place is only financed by the aids of volunteers. We know that Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir gives its support from the heart. We try to love animals like human beings. Therefore, we are here. We love the created for the creator’s sake. Being human requires protecting the weak. Food is bought with the revenues obtained from here. It is also spent for health expenses. Our biggest desire is that the violence and rape against animals is included into the Turkish Criminal Code by excluding it from the Misdemeanor Law. These events, which start with violence against animals, continue against children, disabled and women. In all countries, these crimes are punished severely. We have been showing effort to make it the same way here.”
Hayko Cepkin, who mentioned that participating in an activity for animals gives a huge pleasure to him, said: I participate in such activities as far as I can. I want to have a finger in the pie. I want to be helpful. We are here just to spite ugly scenes against animals that we have seen recently in the social media.”

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