Fatih District protocol came together in İftar meal hosted by Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Fatih.

This year, the traditional protocol iftar meal that is organized every year by Fatih Municipality and is intensively participated took place in Fatih Municipality Topkapı Social Facilities. Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir, District Heads of Political Parties, Municipal Assembly Members, members of district protocol, non-governmental organizations, representatives of the universities in the district, school principals, managers of sports clubs, mukhtars and martyr’s families participated in iftar meal organized in the open air next to the Historic Topkapı walls.
Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir, host of the iftar meal organized in the shadow of historical walls, visited the tables and dealt with the guests one by one before the iftar meal. Mayor Demir gave a speech after iftar meal during which unity and solidarity messages were delivered and thanked guests for their participation by saying “Dear friends of our heart serving for Fatih are with us in the shadow of the walls, the symbol of the Conquest, in this historical place in this evening in our traditional iftar meal”.
Demir, who drew attention to the fact that Ramadan which is the month of mercy, divine gift and forgiveness has brought the feelings of unity and solidarity and sharing that are lost in modern life again in his speech, told about the importance of street iftar meals by stating that they acted with the responsibility given to them by the social dimension of the month of Ramadan as Fatih Municipality. Demir said “Every evening, bring together rich and poor people around the same table in street iftar meals. We share the same bread and same meal in the same table. We build love bridges by bringing together neighbors who are living in the same street but perhaps do not know each other. While our children, who are the trustees of our future, are enjoying the happiness of having iftar meal with the elders in these tables, we are planting the seeds of sharing, loving and affection into their memories and hearts. Our iftar tables will continue until the end of Ramadan”.
Mayor Mustafa Demir talked about the large projects, the preparations of which have come to an end, at the national level to be performed in Fatih until 2019 and also gave the good news that they would put them into practice in the near future.

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