Feed Support from Mayor Mustafa Demir to fire victims in Zeytinköy… Nearly 55 houses were completely burned in the forest fire that broke out on the day before yesterday in the rural Zeytin Mahallesi of Menteşe district of Muğla province. While the aids of the government and the state continued after the fire, Mayor of Istanbul Fatih Mustafa Demir visited the region to wish citizens get well soon and to talk about what to do about the needs.

The first Friday prayer was performed after the disaster that took place in Zeytin Mahallesi where great damages occurred. Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir also performed Friday prayer in Zeytin Mahallesi. While Mayor Mustafa Demir, who visited the neighborhood residents, was visiting the burning houses and areas, he performed the Friday prayer in the mosque which was not affected by the fire in Zeytin Mahallesi. Demir chatted with the citizens while leaving the mosque and then visited a citizen whose house was completely burned during the fire at the night. Demir, who also obtained information about the studies that Red Crescent and AFAD conducted in the region, wished the victims of fire get well soon.

Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “We came to solve the problems of those living here to some extent, to be together with them and to share their sorrow. In meetings we had with our mukhtar, president of association and the women of the village in the mosque and at the exit of the mosque, they stated that they are extremely pleased and happy with the fact that our state and government have stood by them in this short time and that the Red Crescent and AFAD supported them. However, when we went to the details, they said their needs have been met but the feeds of their animals were burned with the haystacks during the fire. They also said they should be met urgently. We have also taken this issue as a duty and mission. We have started a study on the provision of feeds for these animals with our friends. There has been a wrecked mosque for a long time. It is located within a protected area, and this is exactly our issue. We have improved about 30 mosques in the Historical Peninsula, Fatih. We have undertaken approval its project design, survey and restoration projects from the board. Hopefully, we will improve the mosque here. They also stated that the water system becomes inadequate, especially in the summer months. They requested for an artesian well to support the existing water system, water reservoir. I also informed my work friends about it. They will start working. We will also start a study for artesian well that will feed the existing water supply system and substitute it in the summer months by identifying appropriate locations”.

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