Most of the renovation works that is carried out on the roof of 557-year old Grand Bazaar, which is the largest and oldest shopping center of the world, were completed.

There are red roof tiles on the roof of the Grand Bazaar where used to be an astounding visual pollution with water tanks, air conditioners and satellite dishes. Removal works were fully completed in every part of the roof within the scope of the renovation works carried on the roof. With the second stage of the insulation applications, roof tile applications are continued. Roof hatches of the ventilation channels belonging to the stores in the bazaar are renewed within the scope of the restoration works and in accordance with the approved projects. The restoration in the historical Grand Bazaar started with a ceremony held on 14 July 2016 after a project preparation that lasted 6 years. The restoration, which included three stages as roof, infrastructure and reinforcement, started from the roof part.

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