Fatih Municipality Presented School bags and Stationery Sets to Beginner Students …
Fatih Municipality presented school bags and stationery sets to four 4,500 students who have just started primary school in Fatih in the 2017-2018 academic year.
With the ‘School Bag From Us’ campaign in this year, Fatih Municipality attempts to meet the school bag and stationery needs of the students who have started grade 1 in the schools located in Fatih district and to reduce the economic burden of the families to some extent.
After the opening ceremony of the 2017-2018 academic year of Fatih District which was held in Melek Hatun Primary school, children experienced the happiness of taking the bags from Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Fatih. The students who came to their classes together with their parents experienced pleasant moments by the surprise of Fatih Municipality on the first day of their education life. Mayor Demir spoke in the ceremony and said that they have created the infrastructure for each student to use a musical instrument by stating that a music orchestra has been established in every school throughout the district. Mayor Demir said that each parent has also started a new school year with the children and wished children success in the new education year.
Fatih Municipality presented school bags and stationery materials to 4,500 students who have just started the school due to the new school year. The distribution of school bags and stationery materials in 36 primary schools throughout Fatih district has been initiated. Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir, Fatih District Director of National Education Mucip Kına, district protocol, students and families participated in it. First-grade students received their gifts from Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir.
Mayor Mustafa Demir opened the music class built by the municipality after the distribution of the bags. Mayor Mustafa Demir said that they are trying to establish an orchestra in each school with music classes built in 20 schools throughout the district.
Within the scope of An Orchestra for Each School project, music classes are established in the schools by Fatih Municipality, teachers, instruments and equipments are provided, and students are taught how to play an instrument, as well as information on instrument repair, maintenance and construction.

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