The Feeds that Fatih Municipality sent to Zeytinköy Fire Area of Muğla Have Arrived…

Nearly 55 houses were completely burned in the forest fire that broke out in the rural Zeytin Mahallesi of Menteşe district of Muğla province. While the aids of the government and the state continued after the fire, Mayor of Istanbul Fatih Mustafa Demir went to fire area after the disaster, met with the fire victims, wished them get well soon and received information about their urgent needs. Citizens who said that their barns were also burned together with their houses urgently requested from Mayor Demir for feed and straw for their animals.

The municipal teams who acted upon instruction of Mayor of Fatih Mustafa Demir provided the feeds needed for animals in a short time and transported them to Zeytin Mahallesi. The feeds delivered to Güngör Uzun, mukhtar of Zeytin Mahallesi, were distributed to needy citizens. Mukhtar Güngör Uzun stated that he was very happy because of the fact that Mayor Mustafa Demir shared their sorrow by visiting them immediately after the fire and fulfilled the promise of support very quickly, and he said that he also thanked him in the name of needy citizens.

As a result of the meetings that Mayor Mustafa Demir had with the mukhtar of Zeytin Mahallesi, Güngör Uzun, president of association and peasants, they also requested for the restoring of the mosque which is located within a protected area and has been wrecked for a long time. Mayor Demir said that they have started the studies on the approval of the project design, survey, restoration projects and re-improvement of this mosque. Mayor Mustafa Demir also gave them a piece of good news that he also discussed their request for an artesian well to support the existing water system of Zeytin Mahallesi that becomes inadequate in the summer months and the water reservoir, and that the studies will be initiated as soon as possible.

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