Dental sets, which are composed of toothpaste and brush, were given as a gift to the students of elementary schools in Fatih by the Fatih Municipality within the scope of “Oral and Dental Health Week”.

A total of 25 thousand brushes and toothpastes were distributed to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students, and to the students of the information house in Fatih within the scope of “Oral and Dental Health Week”. The first one of the events, which were held to draw attention to the oral and dental health, started with the ceremony organized in the Atikali Elementary School. The Mayor Mustafa Demir gave advices to the students about dental health in the program that he participated in.

Our purpose is creating awareness”

The Mayor Mustafa Demir, who is a dentist and a graduate of Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry, explained the importance of oral and dental health to students.

Mustafa Demir, who distributed dental sets to primary school students, said that sufficient level of awareness could not be created about the oral and dental health in the society.

Demir, stating that they have been working for increasing this awareness every year, said: “We will have distributed 165 thousand dental sets all across the district by the end of this year. We make this distribution during “Oral and Dental Health Week” every year. We distribute oral care sets to first, second, third, and fourth grade students of elementary schools. Our goal is forming habit of oral and dental care, and brushing teeth. Unfortunately, there is still not a wide awareness on tooth brushing in our country. We explain to the students how to brush teeth, how important the oral and dental health is, and how critical it is in terms of overall body health as much as possible. After all, they are our children and they certainly need to form these habits.”

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