The Mayor Mustafa Demir giving a speech in the special event of the Teachers’ Day, which was traditionalized by the Fatih Municipality, said: “It is our teachers, who are at the heart of our ancestors’ magnificent history and civilization”.
The special event of the Teachers’ Day, which is organized by the Fatih Municipality every year, was held in the foyer area of the Fatih Municipality building. The teachers and the Department Managers, who perform their duties in Fatih district, participated in the celebration lunch hosted by the Mayor Mustafa Demir. Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir addressed the teachers participating in the event after the lunch. Talking about the importance of teaching profession, Demir mentioned the teachers, who gained ground in the Turkish history. Stating that it is the teachers who are at the heart of the empire that our ancestors founded, the Mayor Demir pointed out the following in his speech:
“It is our teachers, who are at the heart of our ancestor’s magnificent history and civilization. We call them as Muallim Sani and Sultani. We see Nizamülmülk, teacher of Alparslan, right next to him, who made the Anatolia a Turkish land. We see Şeyh Edebali next to Osman Bey. We see Alaeddin Esved next to Orhan Bey. We see Hacı Bayram-I Veli and his teachings next to Sultan Murat II. We see Akşemsettin and Molla Gürani, who transformed Fatih to a mighty statesman, politician and scholar from a little child.”
Furthermore, the Mayor added to his statements that great tasks fall on teachers to form in a new society and human. After the statements, theachers who ranked the highest in the Sport Tournament Among Teachers were presented with cups and awards by the Mayor Mustafa Demir.

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