In Sultanahmet Square, a 150-kilogram calf was baked. ‘Gastronomist 2017’, which brings together traditional cuisines reflecting the different colors of the world in Istanbul, started in Sultanahmet Square.
In the event in which many chefs from different countries participated, the 150-kilogram calf was baked by Cüneyt Asan, who is the professor of meat. The calf which would be baked for 6 hours in the specially designed oven and would be then served to the guests.
‘Gastronomist 2017’, which brings together world cuisines and is held with the significant contributions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and hosted by Fatih Municipality, started in Sultanahmet Square. Citizens showed great interest in the organization where many invited guests from many countries attended and there were many events such as recipe presentations, meal chats, panels and children’s workshops that reflect the ancient cuisine culture of the geography of Turkey, as well as the traditional cuisines of guest countries. Many chefs who came from different countries to promote their own cuisine cultures gained significant recognition with the demonstrations they performed. On the other hand, a 150-kilogram calf cut by Cüneyt Asan, known as the Professor of Meat, was placed in a special designed oven to be cooked in Sultanahmet Square. The calf would be baked for 6 hours in the oven and then served to guests.
“We will also introduce Turkish cuisine while discovering the cuisines of other countries”
Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Fatih, stated that the organization is very important in terms of introducing Turkish cuisine and said, “In the first international gastronomist event hosted by Fatih Municipality with the contributions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, there were 45 participants from 27 countries, and the chiefs, relevant expert authors and people with experience on the subject appeared, and interviews were held and also various demonstrations were performed. Here, we will see the world cuisine, and secondly, our own cuisine and we will introduce our Turkish cuisine”.
“Today here, we will cook a calf as a whole for the first time”
Cüneyt Asan, Professor of Meat, said, “The purpose here is to introduce our country. The purpose here is to introduce our cuisine. We have come together with all friends of the earth and we have done a something very nice here. Today here, we will have broken new ground. We have not baked a whole calf as a whole up until now. Today here, we will cook a calf as a whole for the first time”.

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