Yeditepe Biennial, which is the first biennial of the world in the Classical Turkish Arts field, was introduced with the conducted press conference. The President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will make the opening of the Biennial on March 31, where more than 600 artists participate in with more than 3 thousand artworks.

“Yeditepe Biennial”, which is organized under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and with the cooperation of the Fatih Municipality and Classical Turkish Arts Foundation, was introduced with the conducted press conference. Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir and the Executive Board Members of the Classical Turkish Arts Foundation, and the Curator of the Yeditepe Biennial Serhat Kula attended the meeting that was held in Sepetçiler Kasrı. It was stated in the meeting that opening of the biennial will be made by the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on March 31, and the main theme of the biennial is “Ehl-i Hiref”.

There are five different sub themes included in the “Ehl-i Hiref” theme within the scope of the biennial as “Every Aspect Of A Flower”, “Like A Bird”, “About Istanbul”, “Flawless Repetition” and “Overflowing From The Place”.

More Than 600 Artists, Almost 3 Thousand Artworks

The meeting drew attention to the fact that cultural, social and artistic values of Turkey will be represented to the global community with important works in the biennial. Having said that it is the first biennial of the world in the Classical Turkish Arts field, the Biennial will be held between the dates of March 31 – May 15 with more than 600 artists, almost 3000 artworks and more than a hundred projects. 30 historical buildings will be used within the scope of the Biennial.

Many artworks reflecting the past and today hand in hand will welcome the participants with the activities to be made in historical buildings.

A Biennial Where The Unique Samples Of Traditional Arts Are Exhibited For The First Time

Having said that the Biennial will welcome people in a structure bringing the traditional and modern together, Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir said “When compared to other biennials, Yeditepe Biennial is the first where the unique samples of traditional arts are exhibited under the title of biennial. It is very important for these artworks, which have been locked up in indoor areas and had difficulty to find their deserved value, to meet with people and appear before them. It is a biennial where contemporary arts and modern artists come together and modern interpretations of traditional arts are present. Since the artworks will be exhibited in different places of Fatih, these artworks will easily reach to different segments of the society by this means, and it will be a biennial that people may access at will.”

It Will Be Exhibited At the Most Beautiful Places Of The Historical Peninsula

Vice President of the Classical Turkish Arts Foundation Muhammed Emin Demirkan said in his speech “We are proud of making such an organization like the Yeditepe Biennial. We have reached today after a tiresome but pleasant period that has lasted about one year. The most beautiful artworks will be exhibited for 45 days. The most beautiful buildings of the Historical Peninsula will open their doors for this biennial. Since this biennial idea came up, almost all of our artists have put a significant effort in order to contribute to the biennial. I would like to present my thanks to our President, who provided all kinds of support to us by taking us under his protection.

Biennial Is Not Only The Artworks Produced There

Having said that the biennial is presented to the participants as a very comprehensive work, the Curator of the Yeditepe Biennial Serhat Kula said: “In fact, Fatih Region attends the biennial with its buildings, biennial is not only the artworks produced there. We have 5 different concepts. There are contents generated from the forms, styles, contents and metaphors that Ehl-i Hiref ecole used during production.”

International and solo exhibitions, seminars, panels, conferences, panel discussions, film screenings, music recitals, indoor and outdoor installation works, workshops, remembrance ceremonies for the doyens of traditional arts, promotional activities and visits will be made within the scope of the Yeditepe Biennial.

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